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How do I give PBS Passport as a gift to another person?

Giving PBS Passport as a gift is easy, but you may need to visit your local PBS station's website or talk with your station depending on how you would like to make your donation.

When a new membership is created with a local PBS station, the PBS station provides that member with a unique, four-word activation code for the Passport benefit. Only the donor is provided with that code, but that code can be used by any user to activate the benefit, and the login email address does not need to match the email address used for billing or contact purposes. With these in mind, you are able to make a donation with your contact information, and send the activation code to your gift recipient to use for watching Passport videos.

After sending the activation code to your gift recipient, they can use it at PBS.org/passport and create an account with PBS to start watching Passport videos.

If you instead wish to make the donation in someone else's name or to a different local PBS station in the recipient's area, please contact that local PBS station by visiting the link below and ask for assistance with making your donation. You can use the PBS Station Finder for contact information for local PBS stations. Select the Change Your Local Station option if you wish to donate to a different PBS station in the recipient's area. 

Click here to learn more about the PBS Passport benefit.

The Passport benefit is offered by local PBS stations to their donating supporters. Each PBS station has their own system of handling donations and memberships. For the most accurate information, please contact your local PBS station directly. 

You can find your local PBS station's contact information through their website or by visiting this link.