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How do I change my local station on the iPhone/iPad app?

Changing your local station is easy with the PBS app! If you are localized to the wrong PBS station or are traveling outside of your local PBS station's broadcast area, you can still select your local PBS station manually.

  • Open the PBS app and select My Station at the bottom right. 

  • Select Change Station at the top right.

  • A menu will appear with options to search by ZIP Code or State or to select from Stations Near You
    1. Selecting the ZIP Code option will give you an onscreen keyboard to type in your ZIP code. 
    2. Selecting the State option will give you a scrollable list of US states to select your state from, and then a list of PBS stations in that state. 
    3. You can also select a PBS station from the Stations Near You list at the bottom.

After selecting your local station, the screen will reload with your local station's logo and available options. You can now access their local programming in the PBS app and view their Full TV Schedule. 

You can also access your local station's livestream option from this screen if you are in the station's broadcast area. For more information about livestreaming on the PBS app click here.